Inspiration Spaceship | Entertainment Law
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Entertainment Law

Legal counsel navigating independent creators through the entertainment industry.

A boutique entertainment law practice built on a creative foundation.

Inspiration Spaceship focuses on advising independent creators on the legal aspects of bringing visions to life in the highly competitive entertainment industry. Drawing on an extensive background including print and broadcast advertising and video production, the firm is deeply attuned to the creative process. Experience includes working with filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, authors, and publishers on production company organization and structuring, copyright clearance and rights acquisition, film finance and securities law, and production legal. The entertainment law practice covers both transactional and litigation matters to help indie entertainment clients avoid litigation and, if necessary, protect rights in their valuable intellectual property.

How does an independent film move from story idea to script? How do you handle film investment and finance? Motion picture production and distribution? Inspiration Spaceship advises indie filmmakers and production companies on these and other legal aspects of cinematic and television properties. The firm is experienced in all areas of entertainment law practice, including business entity organization and structuring, rights acquisition and copyright protection, film finance and securities law, production counsel, and labor and employment law counseling. And the firm’s entertainment law practice covers transactional as well as litigation matters, helping entertainment clients focus both on avoiding litigation and protecting or defending their rights when necessary.

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