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Trademark Registration

Search millions of US trademarks. Protect your brand with legal advice and a flat-fee trademark application.

Create your brand. Search millions of trademarks now.

Protect your trademark with attorney advice from application to registration

Ready to start? Your $850 flat fee covers all attorney services required to prepare and file your application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Inspiration Spaceship’s trademark application module includes any responses to USPTO office actions, all with no hidden charges. Payment of USPTO filing fees will be required when your application is ready, and we’ll review it with you first to make sure you pay the lowest possible fees.

First Stage: Estimate USPTO filing fees for your application with the firm’s calculator >
Second Stage: Submit your trademark information to the firm >
Third Stage: Connect with your trademark attorney to review, prepare, and file >

Overview of the USPTO’s trademark registration timeline

Applying to register your trademark with the USPTO begins a legal process. Legal requirements and deadlines must be met. Most applicants hire an attorney who specializes in trademark matters to represent them in this application process and provide legal advice. Here’s the USPTO’s own description of the steps involved:

Application Filed

Approximately three months

When your application is filed, the USPTO assigns a serial number. The application is then sent on to a USPTO examining attorney.

USPTO Reviews Application

Approximately one month

The examining attorney initially determines whether federal law permits registration. This stage may include office actions demanding further information or asserting grounds for refusal of your application. The USPTO will not refund filing fees, even it refuses your registration on legal grounds.

USPTO office action

Approximately six months

The examining attorney may refuse the mark or request further clarification. The applicant must submit a response to each refusal and requirement.

USPTO publishes mark

Approximately three months

If no refusals or additional requirements are identified, the examining attorney approves the mark for publication to give public notice that the USPTO plans to issue a registration. Any party who believes it would be harmed by the registration may file an opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

USPTO registers mark

Approximately three months

if no opposition was filed, or if an opposition was unsuccessful, then the USPTO issues a registration. After a registration issues, to keep the registration “alive” the registrant must file specific maintenance documents.