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Trademark Estimate

Build your brand budget. Estimate a trademark application.

Inspiration Spaceship’s USPTO filing fee calculator makes it easy to budget for protecting your valuable brand intellectual property. Quickly calculate filing fees based on the categories and descriptions of your goods or services. Your flat-fee bundle of legal services is already in the calculator and includes attorney preparation and filing of your trademark application, as well as representation before the USPTO in any office actions while your application is pending. When you’re ready to get started, just click and tell the firm about yourself and your brand.

Flat-Fee Attorney Representation (Including a Comprehensive Trademark Search of Your Mark, Attorney Consultation, Registered Trademark Application, and Responses to USPTO Office Actions)

USPTO Single Class Filing Fee (You must choose one or more classes to describe your goods/services, such as clothing, software, or business services. If you're not sure how many classes your mark may need, don't worry. We'll go over your application carefully before filing.)

USPTO Two-Class Filing Fee

USPTO Three-Class Filing Fee (If you think your mark may need more than three classes, don't worry. Just choose this option, and we'll adjust the total when we review your application.)

USPTO Single Class Custom Goods/Services Description (You must describe each class of your goods/services precisely. You can use a "stock" USPTO description if it fits, or we can create one. USPTO descriptions are included in the filing fees above, so choose this option only if you think you'll need a custom description.)

USPTO Two-Class Custom Goods/Services Description

USPTO Three-Class Custom Goods/Services Description

Statement of Use (per class) (If you are already using your mark in commerce, you do not need this. But you can file an application even if you're not currently using your mark. You must later file a statement proving that the mark is being used and pay an additional fee.)


Attorney Trademark Application

Protect your brand assets. Work with a trademark attorney.

Ready to become a trademark client? Tell us about yourself and your brand here. We’ll review your information before any payment is due to make sure that no attorney conflict prevents Inspiration Spaceship from representing you. (Please note that the firm’s engagement letter must be signed to form an attorney-client relationship.) As a firm client, you’ll have access to our secure website portal (the “Airlock”), where you can communicate via text directly with your attorney. And you’ll be able to view client documents stored here to keep your brand’s trademark portfolio organized for optimal management. All included in your flat fee.

Trademark Intake

Owner Information

Mark Information

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