Inspiration Spaceship | Legal Liftoff
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Legal Liftoff

An affordable monthly fee. A creative law firm that knows your design-driven business.

Affordable legal advice and attorney representation for core services

Legal Liftoff is a monthly attorney services plan perfect for the independent creative industry. For small design firms and ad agencies, creative freelancers, and growing startups, it’s a predictable way to avoid legal problems and manage legal expenses. Engage a real law firm that can help take your business to the next stage instead of relying on non-lawyers who cannot provide legal advice, or trusting in found documents that may not match your business goals or comply with applicable state laws.

  • Monthly

    Billed as monthly payments of $95

    $95 / month
  • Quarterly

    Billed as one payment of $261

    $87 / month
  • Yearly

    Billed as one payment of $960

    $80 / month

Legal Liftoff includes all of these attorney services for one monthly fee

  • Flight Plan

    • Legal evaluation of:
    • Creative business structure
    • Project workflow and contracts
    • Intellectual property

  • Attorney Access

    • Work with one lawyer
    • Access to private client portal
    • Unlimited secure messaging
    • Unlimited phone calls

  • Contract Review

    • Unlimited contract reviews
    • Highlighted legal issues
    • Negotiation guidance
    • Downloadable templates

  • Project Pricing

    • 15% fee discount
    • Off transactional hourly rate
    • Off total flat fee
    • No retainer required

A legal services plan for the creative industry
Inspiration Spaceship’s Legal Liftoff plan was designed to give independent creative freelancers, design studios, and small ad agencies the kind of “legal department” attorney access available to their corporate clients. As a Legal Liftoff client, you will have prompt access to a lawyer who understands both your creative business and the creative industry. And you’ll have it with predictable, affordable monthly billing. So you can plan future developments and address legal issues before they become significant problems.

No hidden fees or expenses
No setup charges. No cancellation fees. Your monthly fee covers all of the services described above. And if you want to engage the law firm on a project outside these services, we’ll estimate the attorney fees for that project, then reduce them 15%.

Efficient collaboration through technology and legal innovation
As a Legal Liftoff client, you will have a secure login to the law firm’s private web portal, Client Deck.™ You’ll find secure attorney messaging to stay in close contact with your attorney (without ever having to search for emails), a digital archive to store and exchange client documents, and access to legal templates and resources. Want to add a project outside your plan? You’ll find that on Client Deck too.

A solid legal platform for launching your creative business
When you begin as a Legal Liftoff client, we’ll go through a comprehensive legal evaluation of your business. We’ll review its structure, contracts and terms of service, and intellectual property assets. And we’ll listen to any concerns you have about understanding the business you’ve created, improving your processes, and protecting your rights. If you have (or plan to have) employees, we’ll identify any steps you should be taking to comply with applicable laws.

Answers for common creative business legal concerns
Questions about organizing a new studio or other startup business (or managing a growing one), understanding and negotiating independent contractor agreements and project contracts, acquiring rights or licensing content, and resolving billing problems are all ideal matters for Legal Liftoff.

Available in Oregon
Inspiration Spaceship is currently licensed to practice law in Oregon, so Legal Liftoff is limited to serving Oregon clients on general creative business matters. If you are not in Oregon, you may still sign up. Representation outside Oregon, however, will be limited to legal advice and attorney services regarding copyright and trademark matters under federal law.

Need to get your creative business off the ground first? Launch it.