Can I Afford a Portland Injury Lawyer?

Can I Afford a Portland Injury Lawyer?

Yes, you can afford a lawyer. It’s simple. As a rule, when an Injury Lawyer represents you in a personal injury case, you don’t pay any attorney fees unless they recover money for you. If they don’t collect money for you in a settlement or trial of your Oregon accident injury case, it is customary that you will not owe them an attorney fee. There should be no obligations and no catch.

If the law firm accepts your case and recovers money for you, their attorney fee will be a percentage of what they recover for you. The percentage changes depending on when the case is resolved. It usually is around 30% if the case is settled before a lawsuit is filed. It’s about 40% if the case is taken to trial. The client decides whether or not he or she will accept a settlement offer.


It’s important to understand that costs remain the client’s responsibility.

Are “costs” just a clever way to make sure that lawyers get paid regardless of whether they win or lose?

No. Costs are expenses paid to the court, people, and businesses for things that are needed to bring a case to trial. Examples are court filing fees, expert witness fees, process server and court reporter fees, and similar expenses. The attorney should not “mark up” these costs. If they don’t win, they make nothing on your case.