When Do I Need a Portland Injury Lawyer?

When Do I Need a Portland Injury Lawyer?

People say that “accidents happen.” But an “accident” may have happened because some person or company chose not to pay attention, take unnecessary risks, endanger safety, or put profits over people. Careless or wrongful conduct causing harm demands that the responsible party be held accountable.

The best Oregon personal injury lawyers are committed to doing exactly that. Injury clients deserve their day in court. Skilled attorneys will work aggressively and tirelessly to get it for them. They will prepare each and every case for trial before a jury. Ideally, there should be no “small cases” for an attorney you’d hire.

A serious injury may feel overwhelming and confusing. The challenges of coping with it can be made worse by insurance companies and wrongdoers who resist accepting responsibility. Delaying, denying, and defending injury claims that should be treated fairly are common tactics.

Delaying claims profits insurance companies because the longer a claim takes to process, the more likely it is that the injured person will face some reason to stop. Death, bankruptcy, financial hardship, or a statute of limitations that prevents a lawsuit from being brought after a certain time from the injury are all things that can stop someone from recovering compensation for his or her losses.

Denying claims profits insurance companies because the more likely it is that an injured person believes that he or she must accept a low offer or get nothing, the less likely it is that the insurance company will have to pay the claim’s fair value.

If delay and denial fail, insurance companies will defend themselves. An injury lawyer’s mission should be to beat them and get their clients the justice that they deserve.