Oregon Construction Equipment Injury Lawyer

It’s not surprising that Oregon has a higher rate of workdays lost to injury than the national average. State statistics show that a higher proportion of Oregon’s workforce is employed in hazardous industries, including construction and forestry. More people working in dangerous industries means more injuries.

Construction and forestry are more dangerous than many other jobs in part because construction and forestry equipment must lift large loads and move large amounts of construction supplies and timber. Cranes, loaders, and other machinery can be massive and can cause significant harm or death. During a 2008 Portland, Oregon construction site accident, for example, a scissor lift rolled off the top of an apartment building under construction and toppled twenty stories onto a busy street.

When design defects, manufacturing defects, or warning defects exist, cranes, lifts, hoists, saws, and other equipment used on Oregon construction and logging sites become even more dangerous. Possible injuries are as numerous as the clutter that surrounds a typical construction site:

  • Defective scaffolding can collapse, causing serious personal injury or wrongful death.
  • Heavy equipment without adequate operator protection against rollover and conveyors with inadequate guard rails or without overhead guards to protect against falling objects can injure or kill.
  • Defective woodworking tools or forestry equipment can amputate fingers or limbs.
  • Nail guns may be equipped with improper locks, forklifts may have defective brakes or improper guards.
  • Ladders may have loose rungs.
  • Fall protection equipment may have defective latches.

Workers’ compensation may limit a worker’s remedies against his or her employer for construction injuries and forestry injuries under Oregon law. A Portland, Oregon personal injury lawyer can analyze potential legal claims and advise on the options that may be possible. If a tool or machine is defective, however, a products liability claim against the manufacturer may allow recovery of compensation beyond the workers’ comp system.

A thorough investigation and expert review of the job site and equipment must be conducted promptly after a construction or forestry injury. If you have been injured or lost a loved one because of defective construction or forestry equipment, we offer a free, no-obligation attorney consultation. Please contact us online, or call the Law Office of Dane E. Johnson toll free at (800) 714-3204. For immediate legal assistance in Oregon with a construction or forestry injury question, please call Portland, Oregon personal injury lawyer Dane Johnson directly at (503) 975-8298.