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Trademark Registration

Search millions of US trademarks now. Start a flat-fee application and get legal representation to register yours.

Create your brand. Search millions of trademarks now.

The “knock out” or exact match search of official US Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) records lets you quickly identify potential trademark conflicts. No match? Your chosen mark might be available. But an exact match is not the only reason the USPTO may refuse your trademark registration. Get legal advice and attorney preparation of your trademark application, including a comprehensive search and all correspondence with the USPTO through its registration or renewal decision on your mark.

Once you’ve found a potential mark, your next step is preparing your registration application. You must clearly and precisely identify one or more classes of goods and/or services to which the mark will apply. USPTO filing fees are per class and are nonrefundable. A failure to list the goods/services correctly may prevent you from registering your mark. Use the calculator below to estimate your total cost, including attorney representation and USPTO filing fees.

Protect your brand. Estimate your trademark application.

Add USPTO trademark classes

Add custom description if needed

Add intent-to-use filing if needed

Start your trademark application

Flat-Fee Attorney Representation (Including a Comprehensive Trademark Search of Your Mark, Attorney Consultation, Registered Trademark Application, and Responses to USPTO Office Actions)

USPTO Single Class Filing Fee (You must choose one or more classes to describe your goods/services, such as clothing, software, or business services. If you're not sure how many classes your mark may need, don't worry. We'll go over your application carefully before filing.)

USPTO Two-Class Filing Fee

USPTO Three-Class Filing Fee (If you think your mark may need more than three classes, don't worry. Just choose this option, and we'll adjust the total when we review your application.)

USPTO Single Class Custom Goods/Services Description (You must describe each class of your goods/services precisely. You can use a "stock" USPTO description if it fits, or we can create one. USPTO descriptions are included in the filing fees above, so choose this option only if you think you'll need a custom description.)

USPTO Two-Class Custom Goods/Services Description

USPTO Three-Class Custom Goods/Services Description

Statement of Use (per class) (If you are already using your mark in commerce, you do not need this. But you can file an application even if you're not currently using your mark. You must later file a statement proving that the mark is being used and pay an additional fee.)


Attorney Trademark Application

Get started now. Get your trademark registered faster.

Ready to work with the firm to protect your trademark? Become a client now for access to your secure portal, where you can provide the information needed to complete your application, exchange messages with your attorney, and upload any files required for your USPTO submission.

Flat-Fee Attorney Services
Your $850 flat fee covers all attorney services from preparing your application to registration with no hidden charges. Payment of USPTO filing fees will be required when your application is ready, and we’ll review it with you first to make sure you pay the lowest possible fees.

Questions? Email or call the firm at (503) 975-8298.

Applying to register your trademark with the USPTO begins a legal process. Legal requirements and deadlines must be met. Most applicants hire an attorney who specializes in trademark matters to represent them in this application process and provide legal advice. Here’s the USPTO’s own description of the steps involved:

USPTO registration process

Application Filed

Approximately three months

The USPTO assigns a serial number and forwards the application to one of their examining attorneys.

USPTO Reviews Application

Approximately one month

The examining attorney initially determines whether federal law permits registration. The USPTO wlll not refund fees, even it refuses registration on legal grounds.

USPTO office action

Approximately six months

The examining attorney may refuse the mark or request clarification. The applicant must submit a response to each refusal and requirement.

USPTO publishes mark

Approximately three months

If no refusals or additional requirements are identified, the examining attorney approves the mark for publication to give public notice that the USPTO plans to issue a registration. Any party who believes it would be harmed by the registration may file an opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

USPTO registers mark

Approximately three months

if no opposition was filed, or if an opposition was unsuccessful, then the USPTO issues a registration. After a registration issues, to keep the registration “alive” the registrant must file specific maintenance documents.

Get started now. Get your trademark registered faster.