Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

Helping employees injured while working

Workers hurt doing their jobs deserve proper representation. Oregon workers’ compensation claims allow those employees to receive important benefits. Medical treatment, wage loss and disability compensation, and vocational assistance if needed, are some of them. People who get hurt working expect these benefits to be part of a bond that they and their employers form when they are hired: If you get hurt on the job, you won’t have to worry about paying doctors or getting paid for time lost from work while you heal. The last thing that they expect is that taking care of an on-the-job injury will become a legal battle. Unfortunately, that’s what often happens.

Employers and their workers’ comp insurers frequently deny claims that should be paid. A claim is denied when a claims administrator for the employer’s insurance company believes that the employee’s injury is not covered by workers’ compensation. It does not mean that the denial decision is correct. The problem for many injured employees is that it’s far from easy to dispute an insurer’s denial. Although workers have the right to request hearings to do so, they carry the burden of proving that a claim is compensable.

Fortunately, an injured worker can get help from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney without having to pay his or her fees. An Oregon workers’ comp lawyer receives no attorney fee unless he or she is successful in getting the insurer to accept a denied claim or in obtaining an increase in the workers’ compensation. If the attorney is successful in getting a denied claim accepted, the attorney’s fee is paid by the insurer. If the attorney obtains an increase in compensation, the attorney’s fee may be paid from the increase.

If you have questions about a workers’ comp claim denial or something else related to a work injury, you should consult a personal injury attorney who works on contingency-fee-basis.