Serious Injury

Serious Injury

Helping people hurt by negligence or wrongful conduct

In case of serious injury you should think about hiring an experienced attorney. You can consider the injury serious if it affects someone’s life in a significant way. It might be one that seems obvious, like a traumatic event causing loss of a limb, permanent impairment, and inability to do a job. But it could also be a “minor” or “mild” injury. After all, about 86% of all motor vehicle collision injuries are classified as being minor in severity simply because they have no risk of fatality. The pain and disability that they cause are no less real.

Studies have shown that many so-called “mild” head injuries, for example, result in six-to twelve-month consequences involving cognitive and behavioral functions, post-traumatic stress disorders, and depression. And surveys of American consumers have found that about 67% of all bodily injury and personal injury protection claimants felt that neck and back sprains or strains were the most serious of all injury types. If you’ve ever had one, you would likely agree. Even if a greater degree of healing eventually occurs, recovery is likely to come with prolonged pain and a long course of physical therapy, facet joint injections, and other medical treatment.

A bodily injury may be the result of many forces working against the comparatively fragile human anatomy. Head injuries, spine injuries, and injuries to the supporting ligaments and tendons are common in motor vehicle collisions, including impacts like a car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle collision, bicycle accident, or pedestrian collision. Defective and dangerous products that are poorly designed or carelessly manufactured can maim or kill. Medical providers can fall below accepted professional standards of care causing serious or fatal harm to patients. Falls can fracture bones when stairs, parking lots, entryways, and many other places are carelessly maintained.

All of these things can cause traumatic injury, and each one should be considered and evaluated carefully. No one deserves be hurt by someone else’s negligence.